How to Buy Penny Cryptos

How to Buy Penny Cryptos like SafeMoon on Trust Wallet

Step 1. Download Trust Wallet to your phone. Its a mobile only wallet.

Step 2. Get some BNB Coin (Binances coin) and transfer it to your Trust Wallet.

Step 3. Transfer your BNB Coin to Smart Chain (BNB) in Trust Wallet

Step 4. Open the Dapps Icon at the bottom of your Trust Wallet Screen.

If you do not see the DAPPS icon (it looks like 4 squares, then click on this link (ON YOUR PHONE): trust://browser_enable

If that link is not clickable, then Open Safari and paste this Command – trust://browser_enable

Step 5. Now you will see the DAPPS Icon. Click it and select Pancake Swap

Step 6: Swap From BNB (smart chain is the only BNB that will work here see Step3) to your preferred Penny Crypto (e.g SafeMoon)

Step 7. Click the Settings Icon (looks like 3 horizontal lines) and adjust the Slippage Tolerance to 12%

(Slippage means the amount of VARIANCE in the price that you agree to pay. E.G if you are wanting to get 1000 SafeMoon but you have a low slippage % of 1 or 5 and the price of Safemoon goes up or down while your transaction is executing, your trans will fail. If you set the Slippage to a high enough # you stand a great chance of the transaction going through.

Step 8. Press Swap and complete your Transaction.

Penny Cryptos I am investing in and look like they will go up.

Please be aware Penny Cryptos are VOLATILE. They can go up 10s of 1000s of %, there is a huge market out there of shills trying to drive up their price so they can get in and out fast and make a lot (e.g someone took 200.00 in Safemoon and made 2 million dollars but they got in at the BOTTOM).

So only risk what you can afford to lose. do NOT bet the house on these. 

To me this is just some fun little, could it work? Could it go to the moon? And a lot of them really can.

So here is my list:

  1. SafeMoon

There are a LOT more, I will be investigating and reporting them here then I encourage you to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and then keep your investment low and I will try to alert us as close to the bottom as possible!