Pancake Bunny Tutorial

Step 1: Purchase BNB somewhere (Binance, Atomic Wallet etc)

Step 2: Download Binance Chain Wallet

Step 3: Transfer BNB From Binance/Atomic Wallet etc to your Binance Chain Wallet (use the Binance Chain Network, Click Receive and then copy the Address and send to this address

Step 4: When you receive it, move it to the Binance Smart Chain Wallet (Select SEND and then click in the Address field and choose: 

  • Transfer Between My Accounts

Now your BNB is in your Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

Step 5: Go to

Step 6: Select Connect in the Upper Right hand corner

Step 7: Choose Binance Chain Wallet and confirm connection in your Wallet

Step 8: In Pancakeswap menu, select Trade, Exchange

Step 9: Select BNB in the From field

Step 10: Select Bunny in the TO field

Step 11: Make your trade, confirm all the transactions in the wallet and you should be good to go

Step 12:

To stake your new Bunny go to, connect your Binance Chain Wallet and then Choose to stake in 1 of the pools (I prefer the Bunny Maximizer)

Click the icon of the Pool

Select Deposit

Select MAX (assuming you want to stake all)

Follow all confirmations, you should be good to go

The same can be done with MetaMask or other web3 wallets