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Marc "Morpheus" Goldman

Crypto Currency Expert

Hi There. My name is Marc Goldman but most people in the crypto space call me Morpheus. I own a few online software businesses and I have been involved with, and incredibly passionate about, cryptocurrency since 2012. Here's how my love affair with crypto got started...

A client owed me a fairly sizable payment for some consulting work and he offered to pay me part of my bill in Bitcoin. So I got my first 5 BTC in 2012

That first transaction got me totally hooked (you'll know that feeling very soon yourself - it's intoxicating and gives you that dopamine rush you just cannot get from anything else).
I began to learn everything I could about the Crypto space - I began to post on forums and social media, read white papers, ask questions of experts.
I became OBSESSED!

Why should you care about how obsessed with crypto I became?

Because it's the reason you WILL want to sign up with me today. You see I discovered I am actually a Crypto Savant. A savant is someone who has a natural innate ability to become an expert in some topic and then spends tons of time researching and studying to become even more learned. But here's the thing, I am not the least bit egotistical about it, nor do I think I am better than anyone else. I simply am totally passionate about Crypto and moreover I am passionate about teaching YOU how to use Crypto to break free of the Matrix and totally change your life!

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The Crypto Codex for Newbies Program Consists of:
A $997 Value For Just $37 a month
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Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Crypto Codex for Newbies Training Program:
Go From Unknowledgeable About Crypto to Armed to the Teeth With All You Need to Win the Crypto Battles!
With our group coaching program, you’ll gain all the confidence, conviction, and perseverance you will need to not miss out on the Crypto Rocketship that is taking off right now! It's Still Super Early! Get in Now & Secure Your Future With Crypto!
What Current Codexians have to say about the Crypto Codex
Being relatively new to crypto is both exciting & overwhelming. The truth is that this is a new universe and new language- the learning curve is steep. The support, experience, knowledge, and most important of all- the intention and sense of community that Morpheus & the Codex group has given me is priceless. His guidance and direction has been extremely helpful and has made me jump into crypto with confidence and extreme excitement to discover more. I feel Morpheus & the group have my back and recommend jumping in with us here 100%.
John Schott
Thanks to Morpheus and the Crypto Codex, I have increased my money at least 4 fold...My Crypto's are up 4+ times!!​
David "Avocado" Wolfe
“I’ve been on board Morpheus’s Crypto Codex ship for the past 3 months and have learned an incredible amount of info. I knew absolutely nothing before and now I’m very confident with my portfolio. All the gold is here in this chat. Search and ask questions. The members are the most helpful ever. 1000% grateful”
Jordan Brazie
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will devote an hour of each of the 6 calls to answer all of your questions. Also the Telegram group will be an amazing place to get your questions answered as many of our current/previous students will be in this group helping answer YOUR questions.

Crypto, –  while sharing some similarities with the Stock Market is its own animal. No matter what takes place in the Crypto world, you will learn how to handle it in the Codex!

Sure you could but Crypto is most certainly NOT an easy road to travel alone. Wouldn’t you rather have a guide who has been where you are and knows all the pitfalls to avoid? This puts you on a more surefooted path to success than trying to do this alone.

We will cover everything, good and bad, about EVERY exchange whether Centralized or Decentralized (and you will learn what that means).

You will learn how to use WHICHEVER exchange you decide to use in the safest and smartest way possible!

No the Zoom calls are only the beginning of your training. Think of them like the foundation to a house. The real power comes in the networking and community building of the Telegram Group.  You and all your fellow students will learn, help each other and grow along with Morpheus and his assistants who will be there to help you for as long as you so desire.

If you ever feel you want MORE then you can easily matriculate into our advanced Codex training group.

So What Are You Waiting For? There is NO BETTER TIME For You to Make a Fortune With CryptoCurrency! So Step Out of Your Comfort Zone & Challenge Yourself to a Complete Financial Overhaul!
Come Defund the Matrix With us

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