In the next 5 years, Cryptocurrency is going to turn many ordinary people just like you into multi-millionaires.
Crypto is the key to surviving & thriving during the coming GREATEST depression.
Crypto frees you from the slavery of a job you hate, intrusive banks and crooked, prying governments.
Crypto is the path to FREEDOM for you and your family.
The Crypto Codex is the only place where you can and will learn everything about Cryptocurrencies no matter what your present skill level.
From the basics of how to acquire and safely store them to advanced topics like how to earn daily revenue from day trading, passively grow your income using Staking and what are the latest ALTcoins that actually stand to make fortunes for those early adopters.
What Will You Learn in the Crypto Codex?
The Foundations of Crypto
Someone smart once said: "You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure." Its the same with Crypto. To succeed in crypto you'll learn all about how Crypto began, how crypto = freedom, all about blockchain, exchanges, wallets and much more.
How to Make Money With Crypto
Crypto has made more millionaires and billionaires out of average people than any other industry. There are so many ways to make money with crypto! We'll focus on the basics of Day Trading, Crypto Mining, Long Term vs Short Term investing, Staking and much more.
How Blockchain & DeFi can Disrupt the System & Change Your Life
Crypto is gonna change the world in so many more ways than currency. Learn about how Blockchain and Decentralization are changing every aspect of our lives and how you can use it to break free of tyranny and access freedom like no other time in history.
How to Become Your Own Bank
Crypto currencies have given the masses the opportunity to break free of the central banking control over humanity. With Crypto, you remove their hold over your life, their ability to lend your money for next to no reward or prevent you from accessing your own funds. You'll learn how to manage all your money yourself and you'll never want to look back again!
How to Get Crypto for Free
If you think you you have to pay for every crypto you get, you got another thing coming. You'll learn all the secret and hidden techniques to access crypto for free (or dirt cheap). There are tons of legit ways to earn cryptocurrencies from different companies. You'll learn them all and build an interesting portfolio of cryptos and you never know, one of them could become the next one to go to the moon!
Active & Passive Profit Strategies
You'll learn all the advanced tactics and strategies that Crypto millionaires use to make profits every single day in active pursuits like Day Trading and Crypto Mining (an untapped industry in so many ways) and also how to make passive, recurring income like clockwork from Staking and Lending crypto.